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A new platform of Vacation and living 

iHOME is an abbreviation of the core thematic words “international home.” It is an experimental open platform.

Security & privacy

Reliable rights

Global application


New living style

The five colors in the trademark are inspired by Olympic rings which represent five continents:

blue for Europe, black for Africa, red for America, yellow for Asia, green for Australia.

iHOME’s dream is to help people all over the world to live a beautiful life

and bring value to business partners.

What can iHOME do for you?

iHOME helps you increase your membership.

iHOME House

Design, build, sell the vacation house for you

Membership Cooperation

If you already have a business with its own members’ club, you can log in to apply for Club Alliance membership. After successful confirmation, iHOME will help you make a digital membership card which will be displayed and sold in the Membership Gallery.

Copyright Protection​

If you are engaged in an entrepreneurial industry such as providing architectural design, VI or CI design for the tourism and vacation industry, iHOME can create NFTs for your design work. We can also help you protect your copyright. And we can help show your work to industry buyers, which is conducive to actual use.

Awesome Features


iHOME ORGANIZATION is developing toward being a boundaryless, fully-open, distributed, self-organizing organization.

iHOME explores a new type of DAO, without a road map or white paper, or even a founding team! There are only a few development principles, such as: openness, sharing, and creating a win/win situation.

The members who join determine the future development of the community.

Awesome Features

iHOME alliance

iHOME is open to welcome companies or individuals working in creative industries, cultural tourism industries, or a better life to register as Alliance Members.

iHOME provides exhibitions for member clubs in the above-mentioned industries and assists in the sale of memberships.

If you have the business of travel, vacation or related, please contact us.  

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iHOME Alliance member are developing projects: 

IHOME Design

For teams that need to create project plans with confidence.


For teams that need to create project plans with confidence.

IHOME Membership

For teams that need to create project plans with confidence.

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iHOME Partners

iHOME® is a registered trademark in Switzerland, EU, Japan, China, Singapore, USA, and other jurisdictions. 
It and its associated brands are registered in various jurisdictions. They provide relevant services in these locations.