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International Home Expo

Welcome to iHOME, an experimental platform for living, working, and vacationing. There are no rules here, just complete freedom to create and share your unique lifestyle. Discover iHOME.LIVE and start a new way of life.

A continuously growing platform for work-life-vacation integration

Welcome to iHOME, an innovative platform that redefines the way we live, work, and travel. At iHOME, we believe in the power of experimentation, self-growth, and community building. Our open and inclusive platform welcomes all creative minds, from designers to vacation providers, to share their works and projects with a global audience. Through collaboration, innovation, and compliance with regulations, we are creating a unique ecosystem that fosters trust, creativity, and social impact.

As we evolve, we are committed to developing into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), where decisions are made by the community, and all stakeholders have a say in the future direction of iHOME. Through smart contracts and blockchain technology, we are building a transparent, secure, and decentralized platform that empowers users to own their data, assets, and identities. Our vision is to create a shared platform for “International Home,” where people from all over the world can connect, learn, and inspire each other.

Whether you are a designer looking for a global audience, a vacation provider seeking new customers, or a traveler looking for a unique experience, iHOME has something to offer. Our platform features a diverse range of design works, vacation projects, NFTs, and membership cards that cater to different needs and interests. By joining iHOME, you will not only have access to a global network of creatives but also enjoy exclusive perks and benefits, such as free exhibitions, discounts, and early-bird access. Come and explore the world of iHOME today!

At iHOME, we’re building an online expo of the world where you can discover new cultures and lifestyles. Explore now at www.iHOME.live

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iHOME.org is a sharing platform for vacation houses and their member clubs.

Open to welcoming designers, builders, developers, and land suppliers from all over the world.

Now, free design proposals are offered to landowners interested in building iHOME shared vacation houses.