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iHOME ORGANIZATION is developing toward being a boundaryless, fully-open, distributed, self-organizing organization.

iHOME is a brand new Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) of global vacation and beautiful life, opening for the enterprises or individuals in the tourism and vacation industry. Welcome to apply to become a member of iHOME Alliance. The certified members will be shared free tokens of the iHOME Organization (IHO). The IHO holders can participate in the organization’s decision-making and more rights in the future.
iHOME has just begun to grow, the system and functions are still underdeveloping. Many applications need to wait for the joint construction of alliance members. This is a new kind of organization, which develops slowly but will never stop.
In particular, hotels, resorts, and scenic spots are invited to register with iHOME, and your business will be listed on iHOME’s network, thereby attracting more potential customers. As an opening and co-shared DAO organization, iHOME provides organization token for members. In turn, the IHO holder can decide the development direction of iHOME.

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iHOME’s dream is to help people all over the world live a wonderful life while we bring value to business partners.

You could be iHOME's CEO

iHOME explores a new type of DAO, without a road map or white paper, or even a founding team! There are only a few development principles, such as: openness, sharing, and creating a win/win situation. The members who join determine the future development of the community.

What is a DAO?

Decentalized autonomous organizations are a new phenomenon that offer greater security and privacy regarding transactions.  Rather than being controlled by one country or institution, they exist on computers, networks, and nodes. They are programmed, but no one person or group – other than the users – sets the rules. DAOs use blockchain, a technology that records every transaction and cannot be erased. That makes them ideal for contracts and transactions. At the same time, there’s no need for a third party to be involved. These factors make it virtually impossible to manipulate or falsify any information recording on the chain.

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iHOME’s dream is to help people all over the world live a wonderful life while we bring value to business partners.

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